Thoughts for a College Grad

My cousin is graduating from college this weekend. Here’s an assortment of thoughts that I’m planning to share with him.

1. Find what gets you excited, and do that. (“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about.” Einstein).

2. Don’t settle. If you are coasting, it means you are going downhill. 

3. Hang out with people who are crafting lives of purpose.

4. Be assertive. Passive, passive-aggressive, and aggressive acts are all attempts at manipulation.

5. Write stuff down.

6. Talent is overrated. Develop grit (and stand out) via deliberate practice.

7. Don’t rush to get married, but take relationships seriously.

8. Change context at least a few times (city, job, etc).

9. Spend lots of time outside (bike riding tops my list).

10. Track as much as you can – what you do, where you go, your progress, etc.

11. Become an expert in something.

12. Stand out. But don’t boast.

13. Develop good habits. You are what you eat, and what you repeat.

14. Time is your most precious asset.

15. Find a mentor.

16. Be a mentor.

How about you – what would you have liked a big brother/sister/cousin to have shared with you upon graduating?

4 responses

  1. Love this Dave. Good one.
    I wish someone had shared a list like that with me when I was young. I could add that sometimes a path is not clear except in retrospect so trust that you are going in the direction you want because as it is one path leads to another and what matters is to keep on walking.

  2. Love this Mr. Wolfe! Your thoughts are so well defined and I agree with them all. I am saving this one and will send it along to those I know searching for what’s next for them (including myself).

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